Work for Women

Indeed I was born into “women’s issues.” Even as a pre-teen I looked around and said, something is very wrong here. Maleness is superior to femaleness? The evidence was all around me. God was male. The voices of authority everywhere were male. In church we prayed to, sang about, studied about males. Nobody in the Bible prayed for a girl child. Obviously there was something about maleness that made it more valuable than femaleness, like gold was more valuable than silver. But why?

The Ghost of Eternal Polygamy

That question took me on wonderful journeys. And what I found, of course, is that femaleness and maleness are equally valuable and that the world is waiting for us to be brave enough to transform patriarchy into partnership.

That theme culminated in my book The Ghost of Eternal Polygamy: Haunting the Hearts and Heaven of Mormon Women and Men.

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Mother Wove the Morning

Much of my life has been devoted to the search for the feminine divine, a search that culminated in writing Mother Wove the Morning, a one-woman play in which I perform sixteen women throughout history in search of the female face of God.

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